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One of the most common concerns accompanying divorce is child custody. In Virginia, custody laws allow for different arrangements depending on the situation at hand. Custody in Virginia is based first and foremost on what is considered to be in the best interests of the child.

Factors that lead to this determination include the following:

  • The age and preference of the child
  • The relationship of the child with each parent
  • Special needs status, if any

Custody laws in Virginia do not consider contentions the parents may have against each other to be a relevant factor unless the potential charges concern what would be in the best interests of the child.

Custody laws favor neither the father nor the mother. Generally speaking, courts in Virginia usually determine that it is in the best interests of the child to continue receiving care from both parents. The court often looks favorably upon a parent who is likely to support the child in preserving a relationship with the other parent despite personal grievances.

Geographical considerations

If parents live in different geographical locations following a divorce or legal separation, additional considerations in child custody may include the following:

  • Whether the child already established family ties in one location
  • Whether one location offers better educational opportunities for the child
  • Whether one location provides the child with necessary medical accommodations

A court may award one parent sole custody or both parents joint custody of any children. Occasionally another party, such as the grandparents or other legal guardian, may seek custody. However, in Virginia, there is a presumption that favors the natural parents of the child. It is therefore most likely that the natural parents be awarded custody whenever possible.


It is possible for custody arrangements to be modified in some situations. If the child is still under 18, and a court determines that the circumstances of the child or either of the parents have changed since the original judgment, a custody or visitation decision may be altered. If you’re in need of modification, contact our custody attorneys.

To learn more about child custody law in Virginia, please read the following:

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