Your rights in joint custody

Joint child custody in Manassas can take one of three forms. In a situation of joint legal custody, the child lives primarily at one residence with one parent, while both parents share control and input in their child’s upbringing.

In a shared physical custody agreement, the child splits time at each of the two parents’ residences, spending at minimum 35 percent of their time with each parent. The final option for joint custody is usually a combination of joint legal custody and shared physical custody, although the parents may formulate an agreement based on what is convenient and best for the child.

One such example might be a situation in which the child remains at one residence full time, and the parents each split their time between their child’s residence and a private residence. This arrangement is done on a rotating basis to create a more stable environment for the child.

Factors for successful joint custody arrangements

The most crucial factor to success in joint custody cases is whether the court determines that the agreed upon arrangement is going to help the parents make joint decisions concerning the health and well-being of the child without getting into arguments. If, after careful examination, the court discovers an inability to cooperate on issues such as schooling or religious upbringing, the arrangement may be reevaluated.

Additional factors that affect shared custody cases include the following:

  • Willingness to share custody
  • Fitness to raise a child
  • The relationship of the child with each parent
  • The preference of the child
  • The ability to stabilize academic and social necessities of the child
  • The distance between the residences of the parents
  • The professional demands of each parent, including long work hours, extensive travel requirements, etc.
  • The number of children and their ages
  • The financial status of each parent

Finally, the court also considers the sincerity of both parties seeking joint custody, making sure that the joint or shared custody agreement is not being traded for other concessions. In some situations, granting joint custody may affect eligibility to assistance programs such as welfare and medical assistance. The courts evaluate this information before coming to a final decision. If you would like to learn more on joint custody, contact a child custody attorney in Manassas at our firm.

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