Separation agreement

If you and your spouse are not quite ready to get divorced, filing for a legal separation in Virginia may be your best course of action to finding a solution. The Daugherty Law Firm can help you through the process.

Legal separation in Virginia

A legal separation often lets a couple divide responsibilities, such as childcare and financial duties, while allowing them to live apart. The division of assets, property, and spousal support can also be worked into this arrangement. The marriage of the couple remains intact, and the spouses can elect to reconcile, file for divorce in Virginia, or continue their legal separation for as long as needed. This is often an attractive option for those whose personal, moral, or religious views prevent them from obtaining a traditional divorce. It is important to note that legal separation orders are not automatic and must be granted by a court to be considered valid.

Separation and divorce in Virginia

Legal separation becomes permanent when a couple decides there are not enough reasons to continue their married lives together and decide to get a divorce. Separation then becomes a full dissolution of their marriage, a situation shared with 49 percent of married couples in the United States.

In order to ensure your divorce proceeds smoothly, legally, and in your best interests, The Daugherty Law Firm can help guide you through the numerous issues surrounding a divorce, including spousal support, child custody, asset division, and debt division.

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A separation or divorce is not something you should go through alone. Talk to one of the Manassas divorce lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm — we can help you decide what type of separation or divorce is best for you, minimize any long-term emotional, financial, or legal consequences, or structure strong arguments on your behalf in complex courtroom situations. Contact our separation attorneys today.

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