The subject of visitation rights is emotionally charged and generally surfaces through either a divorce or a change in circumstances that affects a parent’s ability to care for the child. Grandparents may worry that a divorce will limit the amount of time they get to spend with their grandchildren, or family members may be concerned about the child’s well-being and want to petition for custody or visitation. An experienced visitation rights law firm such as The Daugherty Law Firm can help you address such concerns.

Visitation versus custody

Visitation differs from custody. Visitation allows the noncustodial parent or another family member to visit with the child. Unlike custody, visitation does not give a parent or family member the authority to make important decisions — educational and medical, for example — for the child. A court determines the guidelines for the visitation, including how often the visits take place, acceptable locations, and whether or not another adult must supervise the visits. A Northern Virginia visitation rights lawyer can help you establish your right to visit with a child.


If you are an unwed father or a father going through a divorce, you may worry that you will not be awarded custody or visitation. In Virginia, the law does not favor one parent over the other, based on gender. The court must seek to determine custody and visitation based on the best interests of the child. An unmarried father may have a harder time asserting visitation or custody rights, as paternity must be either admitted or established. If you are a father seeking visitation or custody of your child, it is important to speak with a Prince William County visitation rights attorney.

Grandparents and other family members

Virginia law does not provide specific visitation rights to grandparents and other family members with regard to a divorce or a custody decision. When a court is determining custody arrangements, it must consider the best interests of the child, including relationships with family members.

A court may decide to award custody to a person other than a parent, if it determines that the best interests of the child would be better served by awarding custody or visitation to a person with a legitimate interest. A person with a legitimate interest includes grandparents, stepparents, former stepparents, blood relatives, or other family members. If you are a family member in the Warrenton or Manassas areas,and wish to pursue your visitation rights, you need the help of a highly qualified visitation lawyer at The Daugherty Law Firm.

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