The attorneys at The Daugherty Law Firm are experienced in the prosecution and defense in protective order cases. Whether you are seeking a protective order against someone or defending yourself from entry of a protective order against you, our attorneys will assist you in achieving your goal.

Virginia has strict laws regarding protective orders due to the substantial effect a protective order can have on an individual’s life. The advantage of hiring one of our attorneys is that we will strive to do all that we can to protect your interests if you are involved in a protective order proceeding.

If a protective order is granted in your favor you can be granted exclusive rights to the house where you are residing, the other party may be required to provide support, an order custody of children may be entered, and the other party will be prohibited from having any contact with you. Call us to discuss how we can best represent you in the matter of obtaining a protective order.

If you have had a protective order served on you, you could face being removed from your home for up to two years, be required to provide support to the other party for up to two years, have custody of your children granted to the other party for up to two years, and you may be ordered to have no contact with the other party for up to two years. The effect of a protective order being entered against you could change your life forever. Contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we can defend you and represent you to avoid a protective order being entered against you.

Our attorneys have experience representing persons seeking a protective order and persons defending themselves against entry of a protective order against them, which gives you an edge in the court room because we know the laws, the procedures and the strategies involved in obtaining a protective order and defending against a protective order being entered. Contact us by phone at 703.659.2437 or via our online form and speak to one of our highly qualified attorneys today.

Please contact The Daugherty Law Firm for help with your Domestic Violence or Protective Order case. Our highly qualified custody attorneys are here to assist you. Contact us today online or call our office at 703.659.2437.

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