A divorce affects not only the spouses involved but also the children. When such an important issue is at stake, you need a caring, experienced Prince William County child custody law firm on your side to protect both your rights as a parent and the rights of your child.

How custody is determined

Parents can work together to come to an agreement on a custody or visitation arrangement for their children. If the parents cannot come to an agreement, the court will enter a custody order that must be followed. Courts in Virginia must consider the best interests of the child when making custody or visitation determinations.

A knowledgeable Prince William County custody attorney knows that the court takes the following factors into consideration when determining custody and visitation rights:

  • The age and the physical and mental condition of the child
  • The age and the physical and mental condition of each parent
  • The existing relationship between the child and each parent
  • The relationships that the child has with siblings, extended family, and peers
  • The role each parent has played and will play in the future, with respect to the care of the child
  • The preference of the child, if the court decides that the child understands and is able to make such a decision based on age, experience, and intelligence
  • Any abuse or history of abuse
  • The willingness of each parent to support contact between the child and the other parent

Experienced child custody law firms take the same factors into consideration when advising you of your best options.

Types of custody

Sole custody means that one parent has legal and physical custody. A parent with legal custody has the right to make major decisions for the child, including those related to education, religion, discipline, and medical matters. Physical custody means that the child lives primarily with one parent and that he or she has the right to make day-to-day decisions for the child.

Joint custody can include joint legal custody, shared physical custody, or a combination of the two. Joint legal custody means that the parents share the responsibility of making major decisions for the child, even though the child lives primarily with only one parent. Shared physical custody means that the child lives with both parents, and spends a major amount of time with each parent.

A combination of joint legal custody and physical custody is another option that allows parents flexibility in coming to an agreement on custody and on what is best for their child. Our highly qualified Manassas child custody lawyers know how to work with you to achieve the best results for your family.

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