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Misdemeanors in Virginia

Virginia has four classifications of misdemeanors which are classified based on the level of punishment. Punishment for a misdemeanor conviction can range from a fine of $250 to twelve months in jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine. A misdemeanor conviction can have lasting effects on one’s life such as negatively impacting a person’s employability. … Read More »

How Divorce Affects a Business

Owning a business or any portion of a company can complicate a divorce. However, a skilled family law attorney, who is familiar with business issues, can navigate the legal field without affecting the day to day operations of a business. In a divorce, the Judge must distribute marital property. Marital property can be a variety… Read More »

Assault & Battery Against A Family Member In Virginia

You need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Daugherty Law Firm if you, a family member, or someone you know has been charged with assault and battery against a family or household member. If convicted of this crime, also known as domestic assault and battery, the punishment could result in confinement in… Read More »

Larceny and Destruction of Property Offenses In Virginia

Property crimes in Virginia can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the severity of damage caused to a piece of property, the amount of property involved, and whether the individual charged has been previously convicted of a property offense. Having experienced criminal defense attorney representing you can mean the difference between your charge… Read More »

Child Custody Issues: Relocating a Minor Child

Families with children that have separated are faced with a myriad of issues – concerns about custody, visitation, support, and maintaining strong familial connections are often on the forefront of parent’s minds post-separation.  Many times there are clear answers to these concerns, however, some families face the added twist of one parent moving further away… Read More »

Putting Yourself in the Best Position to be Awarded Primary Physical Custody

Families go through a drastic transition during a divorce or separation. As parents begin separating their respective belongings, bank accounts, and lives, a difficult decision regarding the custodial arrangement of children must be made – what custody and visitation arrangement is in the best interests of your child? Parents can choose from a variety of… Read More »