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Putting Yourself in the Best Position to be Awarded Primary Physical Custody

Families go through a drastic transition during a divorce or separation. As parents begin separating their respective belongings, bank accounts, and lives, a difficult decision regarding the custodial arrangement of children must be made – what custody and visitation arrangement is in the best interests of your child? Parents can choose from a variety of custody and visitation arrangements, however, when they cannot agree, Virginia courts may determine what arrangement is in your child’s best interests. Here are some guidelines to follow during your separation process in order to put yourself in the best position to be awarded primary physical custody:

  • If you must leave the family home, consider taking your children with you
  • Do not drink excessively, use any illegal drugs, or smoke around the children
  • Do not commit any acts of abuse or violence
  • Respect all court orders
  • Act rationally and reasonably with dealing with your ex-spouse
  • Maintain a steady and safe living environment for the child
  • Be sure to have a regular source of income
  • Do not make false accusations regarding your former partner
  • Do not start dating a new man or woman until the divorce is final
  • Act out of love and genuine care, not out of resentment and anger
  • Remain involved in your child’s school and extra curricular activities
  • Maintain constant communication with your ex regarding the child
  • Retain an experienced, qualified family lawyer in Virginia

If you are considering seeking primary or shared custody in Virginia, contact a Manassas child custody attorney.

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