How to Protect Yourself Financially During a Divorce

Divorce affects you emotionally, mentally and financially. When men and women dissolve their marriage, they must plan for their financial future as a single individual. This means protecting your credit, mortgage, bank accounts, investment accounts, loans and wills. Chances are both you and your ex-spouse are jointly accountable for certain loans, credit cards and bank accounts.

First, run a credit report. Use a free annual credit reporting service, easily accessible online. See what accounts are in your name. Check for any surprises. Get a good idea of what your credit score is so you can get a mortgage or lease in your name. If you do not have any credit cards in your own name, apply for one right away to start establishing credit.

Freeze all joint credit cards until the divorce is over. Make minimum payments until debts have been settled. A divorce decree may order a specific spouse responsible for certain debts. Determine how to split the money in your joint bank accounts. Open your own checking and savings accounts in case you do not have them already. You might consider freezing certain checking and savings accounts until the divorce is complete. Ask a divorce lawyer in Manassas to advise you on all financial tasks.

Splitting up loans is difficult. If you are keeping the house, you should refinance and get the mortgage put in your name. A Virginia divorce attorney helps clients divide car loans, home equity lines of credit, home improvement loans and all other joint loans. It is crucial for men and women to protect themselves financially during a divorce. Mishandled divorces could lead to ruined credit, bankruptcy, unwanted debt and other unnecessary financial burdens.


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