Meeting a Criminal Defense Attorney

Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

What to prepare when meeting our attorneys

At of the moment of arrest, Miranda rights go into effect. One of these rights is the right to an attorney. While it is certainly possible that you meet your attorney for the first time at the police station, a criminal attorney in Virginia can provide the best protection and defense when armed with as much information as possible. Some information can be provided even while the arrest is under way — you can provide other information upon your release before trial.

What a criminal defense attorney needs immediately

Naturally, your criminal defense attorney needs to know basic information about you, including your name, address, and all contact information. If you are at the police department or even in the court house when you first meet, criminal law attorneys might be able to obtain the following critical documents if you are unable to get them yourself:

  • Court documents specifying the charges against you and any scheduled court appearance dates
  • Bail papers
  • Paperwork left by police as a result of a property search
  • The police report and any other documents available to describe the details of your case

Other information needed by a criminal defense attorney

Some criminal law attorneys provide a questionnaire for you to complete prior to the first meeting. Whether or not you receive a questionnaire, however, be prepared to supply our criminal attorneys in Manassas with the following information:

  • A written account of the details of events before, during, and after the arrest, including any statements you made to law enforcement officials
  • A list of anyone else who may be involved as witnesses or defendants — helpful in determining if there might be a conflict of interest for the criminal law attorney
  • Information about any criminal background you may have, or the fact that you have no criminal background
  • A list of all questions you want to ask of your criminal lawyer, such as the following:
  • Whether or not your criminal lawyer has handled many cases similar to yours and the results
  • The problems your criminal defense lawyer foresees in your case and what you can do to help
  • Whether options other than a trial might be available, such as a plea bargain
  • What the attorney expects to charge for your defense and any available payment options

When your future is at stake, we will fight for you

The Manassas criminal defense attorneys at The Daugherty Law Firm will give you straight talk and straight answers. They will help you explore all of your options and develop a plan of action that will meet your individual goals.

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