Understanding Your Right to Counsel

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Your right to counsel

Miranda rights were instituted after Ernesto Miranda was convicted based solely on a 1963 confession he made without knowing his constitutional rights. These rights include the right to an attorney, whether or not you can afford one. There are many reasons why this right is so important.

Understanding your right to counsel

When you retain a Manassas criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested, you immediately protect all your rights in many ways:

  • Providing advice during questioning: Retaining a criminal law firm ensures that an experienced attorney is at your side during interviews with law enforcement officials. Your attorney will stop you from answering any illegal questions and help you to answer all other questions without incriminating yourself.
  • Handling administrative issues: Criminal defense law firms can help provide resources for your release, such as bail bonds, and generally ensure that your case is handled as efficiently as possible.
  • Work on pre-trial: This first court visit is generally a short one, but it is important. Criminal law firms ensure that an attorney is present at the pre-trial hearing to ensure you get the best possible support for bail and to help you make the right plea based on your situation.
  • Preparation of evidence: Criminal law firms work with you to prepare all evidence for your case. In addition to the evidence you supply, your attorney has many resources available, such as forensic investigators and expert witnesses, who may be valuable in your defense.
  • Negotiations with the prosecutor: Attorneys are experienced in negotiating plea agreements when they make sense for your case. These negotiations can occur before the trial or even during the trial.
  • Handling the trial: From jury selection to closing arguments, your criminal law firm provides the local expertise needed to provide the best support for all aspects of your trial.

Some criminal law attorneys offer flexible terms to help you pay for their expert services. But, if you have been arrested and you cannot afford an attorney, you must immediately ask for one to be appointed free of charge. From the first moment of arrest, you need to avoid making any statements until you consult with a Manassas criminal defense attorney.

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