Filing a lawsuit is the last thing on the minds of grieving family members when a loved one suffers fatal injuries due to the negligence, wrongful acts, or malpractice of another individual or entity. But while no amount of money can truly compensate for the loss of a loved one, it can pay for expenses related to the loss and help families begin to move forward without undue financial hardship.

Each Manassas wrongful death attorney at The Daugherty Law Firm understands the stress families face during this emotionally charged time. If you suspect that the misconduct or negligence of one or more parties caused the death of your loved one, we provide the compassionate support you need. Our Manassas wrongful death lawyers assume responsibility for your case so your family and loved ones can grieve in peace.

Understanding Virginia wrongful death law

In essence, the Virginia wrongful death statute permits specific beneficiaries to pursue the expenses incurred from the injury, much as an injured victim would pursue the same compensation in a personal injury case. But wrongful death law also allows beneficiaries to pursue compensation directly related to the loss of their loved one (the decedent), including the following:

  • Emotional losses, including the loss of society, companionship, comfort, guidance, and advice of the decedent
  • Monetary losses, including the reasonably expected loss of income, services, protection, care, and assistance
  • Funeral expenses

And if liable parties caused the death through willful or wanton conduct or recklessness that demonstrates a conscious disregard for the safety of others, beneficiaries can potentially pursue punitive damages, as well.

How our attorneys help in wrongful death cases

When you bring your case to our experienced Prince William County lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm, we start investigating claims immediately to ensure the proper collection and examination of evidence.

After thoroughly assessing your options, we present you with all available legal options for your case. But we understand your stress and sorrow, and we do not overwhelm you with details that we can handle on your behalf. While we work for you and your family, let us worry about your wrongful death claim.

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