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Serious and sometimes deadly car crashes continue to occur at a staggering rate. According to statistics from the Virginia Highway Safety Office, the commonwealth saw 127,375 automobile accidents in 2017 that killed 843 people and injured 65,306 others. But at The Daugherty Law Firm we know these are more than simply statistics. For more than 20 years, we have helped the victims of car crashes in Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia recover the compensation they deserve. In that time, we’ve earned a solid reputation for quick response time, thorough investigation, compassionate counsel and aggressive litigation. When an accident threatens your future and that of your family, you can turn to us for skilled representation that delivers positive results.

Common causes of auto accidents in Virginia

Road disasters can occur for many reasons, often working in combination. Among the most frequent causes of accidents are:

  • Distracted driving — Using a cellphone, carrying on conversation with passengers, reaching for objects, eat and drinking, and personal grooming can take a driver’s eyes and mind off the road just long enough to cause a mishap.
  • Aggressive driving and/or speeding — Exceeding the speed limit or traveling too fast for conditions, tailgating, sudden lane changes and illegal passing are frequent causes of collisions.
  • Drunk, drugged or drowsy driving — When drivers are impaired by alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep, the chances of an accident skyrocket.
  • Inattentive driving —Drivers who aren’t paying close enough attention can easily run a red light or a stop sign, fail to yield the right of way, or wander out of their lane to cause a crash.
  • Weather conditions — Bad weather can make the road surface slick, so cars lose traction. Poor visibility can obscure other vehicles and stationary objects, leading to crashes.
  • Mechanical failure —Faulty parts such as ignition switches, breaks, air bags and tires have either caused accidents or worsened the injuries of passengers in accidents.

Our personal injury attorneys partner with accident reconstruction experts and interview witnesses to determine the cause of the accident so that we can pursue maximum compensation from the party most responsible.

Types of vehicles involved in accidents

Injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents and truck accidents tend to be very severe. A motorcycle rider’s body is has no protection and can easily be thrown and/or run over in a collision. Large commercial trucks have much greater mass and destructive potential than passenger cars. Regardless of the type of accident or the severity of your injuries, you can rely on our attorneys for the high quality, aggressive representation needed to secure the full compensation you deserve.

Understanding your legal options after an auto accident

The degree of injury and other losses plays a major role in determining the best way to pursue compensation from the parties liable for an auto accident. After assessing the details of each case, a Manassas auto accident lawyer from our firm thoroughly explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following options:

  • Auto insurance claims typically provide a good choice and quick reimbursement for clients who incur relatively minor injuries, as long as the expenses related to the injuries and other damages fall within the policy limits. While our clients can usually handle these claims on their own, our Prince William County car accident lawyers often provide valuable advice on dealing with insurance adjustors, and we can step in as needed if the insurance company denies the claim or refuses to pay the full value of all losses.
  • Out-of-court settlements may take somewhat longer than insurance claims, but they may be the best option when expenses extend beyond basic medical treatment and property damage. Since they involve negotiation with other attorneys, victims need to rely on the full legal support of an attorney experienced in negotiating accidental injury claims.
  • Lawsuits represent the most lengthy and potentially stressful option because they require a full courtroom trial with testimony and cross-examination of involved parties, accident witnesses, and expert witnesses. But for the most severe injuries — particularly injuries involving long-term or permanent disability — juries that decide in favor of the plaintiff often grant generous awards. The lawyers in Manassas, Virginia at The Daugherty Law Firm thoroughly prepare each case and provide aggressive litigation in court.

As your personal injury advocates, we are determined to pursue the maximum recovery possible given the facts of your case and the extent of your injuries.

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