Our traffic lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm are experienced in fighting traffic violations in Prince William County. In 2009, almost 41,000 traffic citations were issued, which was an increase of more than five percent from 2008. Representation from Prince William County traffic violation lawyers who are experienced in fighting traffic citations can help you avoid becoming a mere statistic.

Our traffic attorneys can help avoid increased insurance

When you receive your ticket, you probably look at the bottom to determine how much you have to pay in order to make it go away. Unfortunately, however, the fine is not your only expense. Depending on when you last received a ticket and which offense this current ticket represents (first, second, or third in the last five years), your insurance rates may increase significantly and may remain high for several years.

Working with the traffic attorneys at The Daugherty Law Firm may enable you to plea-bargain your ticket — possibly reducing the severity of the infraction and enabling you to avoid an insurance increase. For many years, our traffic ticket lawyers have been helping drivers in Prince William County fight wrong or inappropriate traffic tickets. We are ready to help defend your case as well.

Traffic ticket lawyers in Prince William County, Virginia

A traffic lawyer from The Daugherty Law Firm works with you to enter a plea bargain with the local prosecutor. This can make the difference between a hefty fine, plus possible license suspension, and being able to keep a clean driving record. For commercial drivers, this is incredibly important. A traffic violation for most people can be a nuisance — a fine and two to three years of increased insurance premiums. But for a commercial driver, a traffic violation can be those things and more. You could lose your job.

Our Prince William County traffic violation lawyers work closely with you and the prosecutor to ensure that you are not unfairly treated. We will fight to make sure that you are able to keep a clean driving record, thereby allowing you to keep your job.

When your future is at stake, we will fight for you

When things important to your future are at stake, the lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm give you straight talk and straight answers. Our Manassas traffic ticket attorneys can help you explore all of your options and develop a plan of action that meets your individual goals.

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