Is a traffic ticket giving you trouble?

You may be unaware of the fact that when you receive a moving violation you have become part of a billion-dollar federal, state, and local government industry. Unfortunately for drivers, an enormous part of the reason for issuing tickets is simply to generate revenue.

An increasing number of tickets are issued because they result in funds being immediately directed to all different types of government agencies. Higher ticket quotas for law enforcement officials, as well as stricter enforcement for penalties, lead to more money for government agencies. The traffic lawyers in Manassas of The Daugherty Law Firm fight these tickets for you so that more of your money stays in your pocket.

Manassas speeding tickets

One of the most common types of violations issued is speeding tickets in Manassas or in Prince William County. You may assume that, if you receive a speeding ticket in Manassas, the easiest way to resolve the situation is to pay the ticket. Yet doing so may be a mistake. Even if the ticket is paid, the end result may be points on your driver’s license, higher insurance rates, and other penalties that could affect your driving ability for years to come.

Let The Daugherty Law Firm help you beat your speeding ticket. We know the rules and regulations for correctly issuing a speeding ticket and, if any part of this process was not followed, you may be eligible to have your ticket dismissed. Even if the ticket is not dismissed, a plea bargain may still be possible, resulting in lower fines, fewer or no points on your license, and reduced insurance surcharges. We explore these options with you.

When you need an aggressive Manassas traffic ticket lawyer

Experienced Manassas traffic ticket lawyers know the law, the courts, and the technicalities that can be used to issue a strong defense for your traffic ticket. The Daugherty Law Firm has a solid reputation as aggressive and forceful advocates for their clients with traffic tickets. When we represent you, you can feel confident that the frustration of your speeding ticket or other similar violation will soon be behind you.

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