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Auto Accidents

Determined Auto Accident Lawyers Serving Manassas and Northern Virginia Trustworthy legal service focused on positive results Serious and sometimes deadly car crashes continue to occur at a staggering rate. According to statistics Read More

Site Map

Site Map [ln-sitemap] Read More

Drug Crimes

Battle Drug Charges in Virginia The highly qualified Manassas drug crime lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm understand what is at stake if you are facing charges for the possession, sale, Read More

How Traffic Violations Are Handled Differently by Courts

How Traffic Violations Are Handled Differently by Courts A traffic violation is a unique claim being made by a municipality. A traffic violation is not a civil offense, even though most Read More

Speeding Ticket Statistics in VA

Speeding Ticket Statistics in Virginia Our traffic lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm are experienced in fighting traffic violations in Prince William County. In 2009, almost 41,000 traffic citations were issued, Read More

Beating a Ticket

Manassas Traffic Ticket Attorneys Do you need help beating a speeding ticket? Most people do not even try to beat a speeding ticket in Manassas. They may not realize the breadth of Read More

Traffic Tickets

Northern Virginia Traffic Ticket Lawyers Is a traffic ticket giving you trouble? You may be unaware of the fact that when you receive a moving violation you have become part of a Read More

Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, and Abuse

Experienced Manassas Sex Crimes Attorneys A sex crime accusation is can ruin your reputation, career, and future. However, with an experienced Manassas sexual abuse attorney by your side, you can fight Read More

Traffic Violations

Virginia Traffic Violation Attorneys Serve Prince William and Fauquier Counties Aggressive representation to protect your driving privileges The attorneys at The Daugherty Law Firm in Manassas are experienced and knowledgeable of all Read More


Manassas DUI Attorneys Drunk driving defense lawyers An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) represents serious criminal charges. Virginia drunk driving laws call for severe and instant consequences, including an immediate Read More

Viewing 31 - 40 out of 76 posts


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