A traffic violation is a unique claim being made by a municipality. A traffic violation is not a civil offense, even though most traffic violations are penalized with a fine only. A traffic violation is a criminal offense of a lesser degree. However, it should not be taken lightly. A traffic violation can have serious consequences if it is not handled properly.

Although a traffic violation is considered a criminal offense, it is not a serious enough offense to warrant an attorney being appointed to you. Hiring defense counsel is up to you. But an experienced defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain that significantly reduces the penalties you may face.

Northern Virginia traffic ticket lawyers

If you received a traffic ticket in Manassas, Warrenton, or throughout Prince William and Fauquier counties, you should consider working with a traffic violation attorney from The Daugherty Law Firm. Our traffic attorneys have experience working with traffic violations and can explain to you all of the outcomes that are possible. It is important to note that the fine indicated on the bottom of your ticket can be paid and mailed in at any time — and also that the fine itself is only the starting point of your potential problems.

The additional costs of a traffic ticket include:

  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Demerit points on your license
  • The possibility of a suspended license, either now or in the near future

Having experienced traffic violation lawyers on your side can minimize these additional costs — and potentially eliminate them altogether, in Prince William and Fauquier Counties.

How our traffic lawyers can help you

When a municipality issues a traffic violation, it is in its best interest for you to simply pay the ticket and forget about it. What is good for the town, however, is not necessarily good for you. The vast majority of traffic violations are pleaded out, and the driver who seeks a plea bargain with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer on his side may do better than most. Our Manassas traffic violation attorneys know how to work with local prosecutors to protect your privilege to drive and to keep down the cost of continuing to do so.

When your future is at stake, we will fight for you

When things important to your future are at stake, the Prince William County traffic violation lawyers at The Daugherty Law Firm give you straight talk and straight answers. We will help you explore all of your options and develop a plan of action that meets your individual goals.

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