Drunk driving defense in Virginia

Arguably, a defendant could serve as his or her own representation against DUI charges. However, The Daugherty Law Firm does not recommend this approach because a DUI arrest is a serious criminal matter. Only skilled Prince William County DUI attorneys can properly bring up technical defenses, negotiate a lesser charge, or seek to decrease the punishment you receive. This is the kind of DUI help and fierce advocacy The Daugherty Law Firm offers each and every one of our clients.

Drunk driving defense

There are numerous ways to approach a drunk driving defense. These include the following:

  • Arguing that certain evidence is incorrect or even inadmissible. If an error was made in the administration of a test by a law enforcement official, you may be the victim of an illegal DUI arrest.
  • Police officers who are not properly trained in the use of testing equipment, or who violate procedure when such tests are given, can also help raise important issues in a DUI defense.
  • Testing devices can sometimes be improperly maintained, or the maintenance records contain mistakes, and this can cast doubt on a drunk driving arrest.
  • Eyewitness observations at the time of the arrest can be deceiving — for instance, bloodshot eyes (a common side effect of intoxication) can also be a symptom of numerous other conditions, such as fatigue or allergies.

Why you need an aggressive drunk driving attorney

Experienced Manassas drunk driving attorneys know that the law can be a multi-faceted and intricate maze for those who are unfamiliar with it. If you choose a Prince William County DUI lawyer who cannot navigate this maze, you place your case at great risk.

At The Daugherty Law Firm, we have the experience needed to serve as forceful advocates for clients facing drunk driving charges.



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