Justin Daniel

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Whether being accused of a crime, suffering injuries because of someone else's negligence, or ending a marriage, Justin Daniel realizes that his client's most important goal is being able to return to the life they knew before the problems arose. Justin guides clients through troubled situations with a combination of intelligence, experience, and resourcefulness. He has argued cases at all levels of the Virginia Court system and serves a wide-range of clients including small business owners, executives, government employees, teachers, stay-at-home mothers, police officers, and juveniles.

The son of a lawyer and a Judge, Justin became an attorney because of his passion for being in the courtroom and his innate belief in defending a person's inalienable rights from unjust attacks. He excels in seeing the merits of his client's positions and persuasively communicating those positions to secure the best outcome for his clients.

During his career Justin has put his distinctive skills to work in a variety of complex criminal, family law, and personal injury cases. His commonsense approach and demeanor sets him apart from other attorneys- giving clients confidence at critical times.

Above all, Justin believes that whether he is negotiating a Property Settlement Agreement, a proper award for injuries sustained, or the reduction or dismissal of criminal charges, his comfort to take the case to trial and his record of success in court - often provide the additional leverage needed to achieve the client's goals as quickly as possible.

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